Tuition Pricing Models:

There are two different pricing tiers offered. For both tiers, tuition is due monthly. The first is based off of time spent in classes per week, per family. The price given is a monthly cost. The second tier is a single price for unlimited classes per month. The price is a monthly cost, based on the number of students per family. 

Below is the tuition chart per month. Prices are a monthly cost for the amount of time per week. Tuition fees are calculated per dancer, per family. In other words, one child taking an hour of classes is the same as two children each taking a half hour class. Tuition is due monthly.

Time per Week

30 minutes/week : $25.00

45 minutes/week : $35.00

1 hour/week : $40.00

1 hour 30 minutes/week : $50.00

2 hours/week : $60.00

2 hours 30 minutes/week  : $65.00

3 hours/week : $70.00

Unlimited Classes per Month

There is also an option for unlimited classes (not including private lessons) per month. The prices can vary per family size involved. These prices are given below. Tuition is due monthly.

One Student : $75.00

Two Students : $85.00

Three Students : $95.00

Four or More Students : $100.00 with an additional $5.00 for every student over four.

Private Lessons

There are 10 private lesson slots per year. These spots are first come, first serve.
Each slot is a 30 minute time slot per week.
Private lesson cost per month is $50.
Each private lesson time slot is 30 minutes long.
If the private lesson time slot is for a duo or trio, the cost would be split.
Private lessons are not included in the unlimited classes package.