Our Story:

Sheryl Huggins (owner/director) was 9th out of 10 children. Growing up in the 60’s in a single income, 10 child family, she never asked for dance lessons until all of her older siblings were out of the house and she thought just maybe, her parents could finally afford it. At the age of 12, she took her first dance lesson and just fell in love. Through years of her mother making costumes from scratch and driving 3 hours to get wholesale costumes, she observed just how expensive dance was. She started teaching at 15 to help offset the cost and spent every single day at the studio where she was employed for over twenty years, and where her daughter, Shannon danced for the first 15 years of her life. Shannon started competing at the age of 9, and also fell deeply in love with not only dance, but the world of dance competition. Sheryl then moved on to become the Dance Director at Eastside Centre in East Peoria for 15 years, where she and Shannon started several competition dance teams of their own. Finally Sheryl opened her own dance and tumbling studio with her daughter, Shannon Huggins, as her partner, and Creations Dance Studio was born!

Many of our ads brag about classes as low as $25 per month, or our unlimited packages which grant a family an unlimited number of classes per week for a maximum fee that can never exceed that amount unless you choose to take a private lesson. A 1 student family can take unlimited classes for $85 per month. For a 2 student family it is $95 per month, $100 per month for a 3 student family, and $110 per month for a 4 student family. Beyond that an extra $5 per month is added per student. As lifelong dancers, teachers, and coaches, we strive to keep the cost down to make dance affordable for all families and to be able to give the gift of dance to families who could not otherwise afford such a wonderful and lifelong experience. We here at Creations Dance Studio are very excited for the chance to work with you and your child. Dancing should be taught in a fun, safe environment and should raise the self esteem of the dancer. The teachers and staff here at Creations Strive to do just that. We hope to make this a fantastic experience for you and your family. If at anytime throughout the year you have any questions or comments, feel free to email, or call the office. We offer many different styles of dance training, including jazz, tap, hip-hop, ballet, lyrical/contemporary, character, pointe and tumbling. Our studio offers a family environment where memories and friends are created that last a lifetime. Most of the dancers that begin their dance training with Sheryl and Shannon remain through high school or longer.