Hip Hop Classes

Hip hop is a dance style that fuses elements of popping, locking, breaking, jazz, and contemporary styles. Hip hop dances are typically performed to songs with a fast tempo, such as hip hop, rap, R&B, techno or pop.

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Tap Dancing Classes

Tap dance is performed wearing shoes fitted with metal taps. The style is characterized by rhythmical tapping of the toes and heels.

Ballet Classes

Ballet is an artistic dance form that is characterized by precise and highly formalized steps and gestures, and light, graceful, fluid movements.

Pointe Classes

Classical ballet using pointe shoes to dance en pointe, or on the tips of the toes.

Pointe classes are available to students over 6 years old, as starting earlier is known to cause permanent damage to the feet in younger children.

Jazz Dance Classes

Dramatic, Broadway style dance performed to jazz style music. Jazz routines are characterized by short, rhythmic movements.

Lyrical Dance Classes

Lyrical dance style incorporates various aspects of ballet, jazz, modern dance, and dance acro. This group style focuses on emotional moods, fast and emphatic movements, and storytelling choreography. Lyrical dance routines are usually paced faster than ballet but not as fast as jazz.

Contemporary Dance Classes

Contemporary dance is characterized by controlled legwork, floorwork, and emphatic, elongated movements. The style incorporates elements of ballet, as well as modern, classical, and jazz dance styles.