What are technique classes?

Dance technique classes are designed to improve the dancer’s technical dance skills, abilities, and performance quality. We offer beginning, intermediate, advanced, and adult technique classes. Since dance trends are always changing, every technique class is at least a little bit different from the last.

This competitive dancer has taken Creations technique classes for over 5 years.

Why are technique classes important?

All students hoping to be on one of our competition teams must complete at least 1 year of technique before they are permitted to tryout unless otherwise approved. Technique classes are also a great way to help dancer’s prepare for school dance team tryouts.

We strongly recommend these classes and our summer intensives to any dancer looking to enhance their skills and abilities, including:

  • Flexibility
  • Turns
  • Leaps, Jumps & Extensions
  • Overall Form

What do we learn in technique class?

Our technique class curriculums consist of several training methods and exercises to help our students develop and improve core skills and abilities. Each month we practice:

  • Barre exercises
  • Footwork (pointing, releve, arch, etc)
  • Flexibility training (oversplits, etc)
  • Safe, kinesiological stretching
  • Intense training for leaps, jumps, extensions, turns, and dance acro
  • Across the floor & center work
  • Correct dance terminology and definitions


We work on the technique, preparation, transition, execution, and landing of every turn to ensure optimal performance at every level.
Some of the turns we work on are:

  • Pirouettes
  • Piques
  • A la secondes
  • Pencil turns
  • Coupes
  • Attitude (derriere and devant)
  • Foete

Leaps, Jumps & Extensions

There are far too many to list even a small percentage, but some of the most popular include:

  • Grande Jete 
  • 2nd leap
  • Switch leaps
  • 540
  • Firebirds
  • Sissone
  • Scale
  • Bow & Arrow
  • Needle

Dance Acro

Dance acro is typically incorporated in hip hop, lyrical, contemporary, or jazz dance routines. Acrobatic arts are becoming more popular all the time and are always changing. Our technique classes teach and prepare students to perform the latest and greatest dance acro moves.