Come dance and tumble with national champions right here in East Peoria!

We offer daytime and evening classes for students age 2-102!

We offer HomeSchool dance and tumbling classes and the students get to pick the classes!

We offer both beginning and advanced adult classes!

Classes Start at just $25/mo & family plans to keep costs as low as possible!

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Family Tuition Plans


Regardless of family size, tuition is calculated by household, including adults. To keep our classes affordable for families of all sizes, we offer two family tuition options. The family rates below include weekly classes for all registered students in the same household.

Family Rates for Total Class Time

Calculated by the combined weekly class time of all students in the same household:

  • 30 mins/wk – $25/mo
  • 1 hour/wk – $45/mo
  • 1.5 hours/wk – $60/mo
  • 2 hours/wk – $70/mo
  • 2.5 hours/wk – $75/mo
  • 3 hours/wk – $80/mo
  • 4 hours – $90/mo

Family Rates for Unlimited Classes*

Unlimited class time for all students in the same household, calculated by the number of students enrolled:

  • One (1) Student – $85/mo
  • Two (2) Students – $95/mo
  • Three (3) Students – $105/mo
  • Four (4) Students – $115/mo
  • Five (5) Students – $125/mo

* Private lessons, summer camps and intensives are not included with unlimited tuition plans.

Tuition for Private Lessons

Private lessons are 30 minutes each week and are not included in tuition plans with unlimited classes. Before you register, please contact Shannon or Sheryl to confirm availability and schedule your class time.

  • Solo – $60/mo
  • Duets – $30/mo per student
  • Trios & Groups – $25/mo per student

Tuition for Summer Camps & Intensives

Summer camps and intensives are not included with unlimited family plans.

Tuition for Summer Camps

We charge a flat rate for dance and tumbling camps based on the number of students in the same household.

  • One (1) Student – $60/camp
  • Two (2) Students – $100/camp
  • Three (3) Students – $120/camp

Tuition for Summer Intensives


We offer four Intensity! classes, each focusing on a specific group of foundational skills and technique. We charge a monthly rate based on the number of intensives taken. Tuition for a second student from the same household is 50% off the price for a single student, outlined below:

  • One (1) Intensive – $20/mo
  • Two (2) Intensives – $30/mo
  • Three (3) Intensives – $35/mo
  • Four (4) Intensives or more – $40/mo

One-Time Fees

  • Registration Fee – $15/student due at in-person registration or before first class, if registering online. (Does not apply during summer lessons)
  • Costume Fees – Required to compete or participate in our yearly recital. Price varies based on you instructor’s costume selection.
  • Competition Fees – Required to compete Varies based on competition selection.