Hip Hop Classes for Kids & Adults

Competitive Hip Hop Dance Teams

Beginner Hip Hop Dance Classes

Private Solos & Group Routines

Impressive Hip Hop Routines

From unique and challenging choreography to creative costumes and involved themes, our hip hop routines are always a sight to see.

Whether you’re just starting a hip hop class for beginners or you’ve been invited to join one of our competitive hip hop teams, you’ll have a blast!

Basic Breakdancing Moves

Our hip hop instructors teach basic breakdancing freezes and footwork, including these popular moves:

  • Sixsteps
  • Stalls
  • Ollies
  • Kip-ups

Advanced Hip Hop Stunts & Tricks

Some of our advanced hip hop routines and almost all of our competitive hip hop team choreography incorporate stunts and tricks, like these:

Do not try this at home! These are advanced skills that should only be attempted under the supervision of an experienced instructor.